Types of Gearboxes

A gearbox is a used to alter the speed of a motor. This particular device is also used to increase the output torque. A gearbox has some physical components, which vary between gearboxes. There are countless types of gearboxes that are manufactured across the globe. The two major differences between gearboxes are their characteristics and performance. They are available in different sizes and ratios. Discussed in this piece are the common gearbox types.

Types of Gearboxes

1. Bevel Gearbox
Bevel Gears are of two major types: spiral and straight teeth gears. The latter have pointed and straight teeth. They are mostly used where slow speeds are required. Spiral bevel gears have slanting and curved teeth. These ones are applied where high speed or high performance is needed. Bevel gears are made using aluminum alloy and cast iron. One of the advantages of bevel gears is that they are durable and can last for a long time so click here .

2. Helical Gearbox
These ones are cut at various angles and this allows steady contact between the teeth of each helical gear. This, therefore, provides a quiet and smooth operation. Gearboxes that utilize helical gears are mainly applied where high efficiency is needed, such as blowers, oil industry, cutters and elevators. Advantages of helical gearboxes are quietness, smooth operation and high efficiency.

3. Spur Gearbox
These ones are constructed with straight teeth, which are mounted on a parallel shaft. Because of the colliding teeth of the spur gears, the level of noise is a bit higher. This, therefore, makes the gear teeth to wear out easily. These types of gears come in many different sizes and ratios. They are made from metallic substances, such as bras or steel. Also, they are constructed from plastics, such as polycarbonate and nylon. They are utilized in those applications that require low speed but with high output torque, such as in power plants, construction, speed control and packaging. Advantages of spur gears is that they are cost effective, compact and have high gear ratios.

4. Worm Gearbox
These gears can tolerate high shock loads. They make low noise and are free to maintain. Worm gears are made using stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum. They are used in applications that require high loads and speed, such as rolling mills, mining and elevators. Advantages include low noise, free maintenance and high precision.

5. Planetary Gearbox
As the name suggests, these gearboxes resemble the solar system. Their components include ring, planetary and sun gears. The sun gear is fixed in the center while ring gear is the outer gear, which has teeth facing inwards. Planetary gears tend to rotate around the sun gear. These types of gears are made using stainless steel, brass and aluminum. They are utilized in applications that require high efficiency and low backlash, such as cranes, lifts and automotive. They are stable and compact as compared to other gearboxes and more info .